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Military Sharps Carbine

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Military Sharps Carbine USA 1859

(Ref: G1142)

Military Sharps Carbine, USA 1859

The carbine version was very popular with the cavalry of both the Union and Confederate armies and was issued in much larger numbers than the full length rifle. The falling block action lent itself to conversion to the new metallic cartridges developed in the late 1860s, and many of these converted carbines in .50-70 Government were used during the Indian Wars in the decades immediately following the Civil War.

Some Civil War-issue carbines had an unusual feature: a hand-cranked grinder in the stock. Although long thought to be a coffee mill, experimentation with some of the few survivors suggests the grinder is ill-suited for coffee. The modern consensus is that its true purpose was for grinding corn or wheat.

Unlike the Sharps rifle, the carbine was very popular and almost 90,000 were produced. By 1863, it was the most common weapon carried by Union cavalry regiments, although in 1864 many were replaced by 7-shot Spencer carbines. Some Sharps clones were produced by the Confederates in Richmond. Quality was generally poorer and they normally used brass fittings instead of iron.

Key Features

  • Non-fireable
  • Functional lock mechanism
  • A piece of firearms history


Specification Metric Imperial
Overall 101cm 39¾"
Weight 2.50Kg 5lb 8oz

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Historical Firearms |  Rifles |  Christian Sharps Rifles |  Military Sharps Carbine