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Walther PPK Pistol , Germany 1931

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Restricted Replicas

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It is now illegal to sell a reproduction firearm dated from 1870 onwards, apart from to the following;

  • A museum or gallery
  • Theatrical performances and rehersals of such performances
  • The production of films and television programmes
  • The organisation and holding of historical re-enactments and
  • Crown servants

We must obtain proof that you fall into one of these groups before your order will be processed. Acceptable proof would be;

  • A letter from the museum, gallery, theatre company
  • A letter from the commisioning film/TV company
  • A copy of your re-enactment membership card and relevant insurance certificate
  • Proof of employment (Crown Servant)

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Restricted Replicas

Walther PPK Pistol , Germany 1931 - Black Finish

(Ref: G1277)

The Walther PPK - Its German acronymous name stands for Polizeipistole Kriminalmodell (Police Pistol Detective Model) - is a smaller version of the PP (Polizeipistole) and has a shorter grip and barrel as well as a lower magazine capacity.

The PP was released in 1929 and the PPK followed in 1931. Both pistols were popular with European police and civilian shooters. The pistols were reliable and easy to conceal. During World War II both variants of the pistol were issued to German military police, Luftwaffe, and other support personnel, as well as officials of the Nazi Party. Adolf Hitler used his PPK to kill himself as Soviet forces closed in on the Fhrerbunker in Berlin. This Walther PPK Pistol is brought to you by Denix, it is non-fireable with a functional mechanism.

Key Features:

  • Non-fireable
  • Functional mechanism
  • Authentic Detailing

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Specification Metric Imperial
Overall 18cm 7"

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Historical Firearms |  Restricted Replicas (Post-1870) |  Restricted Replicas (Post-1870) |  Restricted Replica Pistols  |  Walther Pistols |  Walther PPK Pistol , Germany 1931