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How to use the Official Historical Firearms Wallpapers

To use an Historical Firearms' Wallpaper, simply;

1) Right click on the image and click on "Save Picture As..."
2) Save the image in a location on your hard disc (make sure you can find it again)
3) Then goto Start > Control Panel
4) Double click on "Display"
5) Click on the Desktop Tab
6) Under Background click on "Browse"
7) Find the wallpaper you saved and double click on it

Et Voila! You have your Official Historical Firearms Wallpaper

These wallpapers are 1024 x 768. Windows will resize them to fit your desktop.
The number in brackets after the image title is the size of the file. These wallpapers may take a while to appear and download so please be patient.
Deadly Collection Wallpaper (203Kb)